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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006The cardiotoxicity of chemotherapy: New prospects for an old problemMiolo G; La Mura N; Nigri P; Murrone A; Da Ronch L; Viel E; Veronesi A; Lestuzzi C
2005Combined chemoimmunotherapy of metastatic melanoma: a single institution experienceDi Lauro V; Scalone S; La Mura N; Zanetti M; Nigri P; Freschi A; Veronesi A
2005Costo-efficacia di capecitabina in combinazione con decetaxel versus docetaxel in monoterapia nel trattamento del carcinoma alla mammella metastatico in pazienti pretrattate con antracicline [Cost-efficacy of capecitabine and docetaxel in combination compRavasio R; Giuliani G; Veronesi A
2005Familial breast cancer: characteristics and outcome of BRCA 1-2 positive and negative casesVeronesi A; De Giacomi C; Magri MD; Lombardi D; Zanetti M; Scuderi C; Dolcetti R; Viel A; Crivellari D; Bidoli E; Boiocchi M
2005Final results of a phase II clinical and pharmacokinetical trial with oral idarubicin (IDA) in elderly patients (pts) with metastatic breast cancer (MBC)Crivellari D; Lombardi D; Sorio R; La Mura N; Massacesi C; Lucenti A; Ferro A; Veronesi A; Corona G; Toffoli G
2006Innovative schedule of oral idarubicin in elderly patients with metastatic breast cancer: comprehensive results of a phase II multi-institutional study with pharmacokinetic drug monitoringCrivellari D; Lombardi D; Corona G; Massacesi C; Talamini R; Sorio R; Magri MD; Lestuzzi C; Lucenti A; Veronesi A; Toffoli G
2006Oral etoposide in elderly patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer: a clinical and pharmacological studySorio R; Toffoli G; Crivellari D; Bearz A; Corona G; Colussi AM; Libra M; Talamini R; Veronesi A
2005A phase II study of capecitabine and weekly docetaxel combination chemotherapy in patients with metastatic breast cancerPuglisi F; Scalone S; Minisini AM; Mansutti M; Crivellari D; Buonadonna A; Zanetti M; Ermacora P; Piga A; Veronesi A
2006Short-Term Acenocumarine (A) or Dalteparine (D) for the prevention of Central Venous Catheter-Related Thrombosis (CVCRT) in Cancer patients. A randomized controlled study based on serial venographiesDe Cicco M; Matovic M; Pacenzia R; Fantin D; Caserta M; Bortolussi R; Fabiani F; Fracasso A; Santantonio C; Nigri P; Veronesi A
2005Timing of CMF chemotherapy in combination with tamoxifen in postmenopausal women with breast cancer: role of endocrine responsiveness of the tumorColleoni M; Li S; Gelber RD; Coates AS; Castiglione-Gertsch M; Price KN; Lindtner J; Rudenstam CM; Crivellari D; Collins J; Pagani O; Simoncini E; Thurlimann B; Murray E; Forbes J; Erzen D; Holmberg S; Veronesi A; Goldhirsch A
2006Twelve years of endoscopic surveillance in a family carrying biallelis Y165C MYH defectFornasarig M; Minisini AM; Viel A; Quaia M; Canzonieri G; Veronesi A
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11


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