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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Arrow CorAide left ventricular assist system: Initial experience of the cardio-thoracic surgery center in PaviaGazzoli F; Alloni A; Pagani F; Pellegrini C; Longobardi A; Ricci D; Rinaldi M; Viganò M
2007Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid proteome in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome: possible role for surfactant protein a in disease onset.Meloni F; Salvini R; Bardoni Am; Passadore I; Solari N; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Viganò M; Pozzi E; Fietta Am
2005Comparison of low and high initial tacrolimus dosing in primary heart transplant recipients: A prospective European multicenter studyPodesser BK; Rinaldi M; Yona NA; Pulpon LA; Villemot JP; Haverich A; Duveau D; Brandrup Wognsen G; Gronda E; Costard Jackle A; Crespo Leiro MG; Khazen CS; Viganò M; Segovia J; Mattei MF; Harringer W; Treilhaud M; Karason K; Man
2005Coronary atherosclerosis in end-stage idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy: an innocent bystander?Repetto A; Dal Bello B; Pasotti M; Agozzino M; Viganò M; Klersy C; Tavazzi L; Arbustini E
2005Depression and quality of life in patients living 10 to 18 years beyond heart transplantationFusar Poli P; MarTinelli V; Klersy C; Campana C; Callegari A; Barale F; Viganò M; Politi P
2006Diagnostic imaging of lung cancer after heart transplantationLa Fianza A; Pellegrini C; Berton F; Rinaldi M; Ippoliti G; Gorone MS; Viganò M
2007Does total implantability reduce infection with the use of a left ventricular assist device? The LionHeart experience in EuropePae WE; Connell JM; Adelowo A; Boehmer JP; Korfer R; El Banayosy A; Hetzer R; Viganò M; Pavie A
2007Evaluation of cytomegalovirus DNAaemia versus pp65-antigenaemia cutoff for guiding preemptive therapy in transplant recipients: a randomized studyGerna G; Baldanti F; Torsellini M; Minoli L; Viganò M; Oggionni T; Rampino T; Castiglioni B; Goglio A; Colledan M; Mammana C; Nozza F; Lilleri D
2007Getting old with a new heart: Impact of age on depression and quality of life in long-term heart transplant recipientsMarTinelli V; Fusar Poli P; Emanuele E; Klersy C; Campana C; Barale F; Viganò M; Politi P
2005Heterotopic heart transplantation: three dimensional imageGrande AM; Monterosso C; Dore R; Viganò M
2005Incidence of cancer after immunosuppressive treatment for heart transplantationIppoliti G; Rinaldi M; Pellegrini C; Viganò M
2007Left atrial myxoma impaction of the left ventricle inflow tractGrande Am; Maurelli M; Fiore A; Viganò M
2006Lipomatous hypertrophy of the interatrial septum Description of a clinical case and literature reviewRiva L; Banfi C; Gaeta R; Viganò M
2007Neurologic events with a totally implantable left ventricular assist device: European LionHeart Clinical Utility Baseline Study (CUBS)Pae WE; Connell JM; Boehmer JP; Korfer R; El Banayosy A; Hetzer R; Viganò M; Pavie A
2005Portaclamp in video-assisted minimally invasive cardiac surgery: Surgical technique and preliminary clinical experienceMarchetto G; D'Armini AM; Rinaldi M; Viganò M
2007Prevention of acute rejection and allograft vasculopathy by everolimus in cardiac transplants recipients: A 24-month analysisViganò M; Tuzcu M; Benza R; Boissonnat P; Haverich A; Hill J; Laufer G; Love R; Parameshwar J; Pulpon LA; Renlund D; Abeywickrama K; Cretin N; Starling RC; Eisen HJ
2007Pulmonary endarterectomy in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension: short-term functional assessment in a longitudinal studyPetrucci L; Carlisi E; Ricotti S; Klersy C; D'Armini AM; Viganò M; Dalla Toffola E
2005Pulmonary endarterectomy: the treatment of choice for chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertensionD'Armini AM; Zanotti G; Viganò M
2007Return to work after thoracic organ transplantation in a clinically-stable populationPetrucci L; Ricotti S; Michelini I; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Cascina A; D'Armini Am; Goggi C; Campana C; Viganò M; Dalla Toffola E; Tinelli C; Klersy C
2007Reverse right ventricular remodeling after pulmonary endarterectomyD'Armini AM; Zanotti G; Ghio S; Magrini G; Pozzi M; Scelsi L; Meloni G; Klersy C; Viganò M
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