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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
198814-day prolonged toxicity of heptachlor to Poecilia reticulata and Brachydanio rerioVittozzi, Luciano; di Domenico, Alessandro; Franci, M.; Gramenzi, Franco; La Rocca, Cinzia; Mantovani, Alberto; Miniero, Roberto; Perticaroli, C.; Tiberio, M.
1974Amylase protein inhibitors and the role of Aegilops species in polyploid wheat speciationBedetti, Cecilia; Bozzini, Alessandro; Silano, Vittorio; Vittozzi, Luciano
1994Application of metabolic studies to the evaluation of the toxicity of chemical to manVittozzi, Luciano
1992Bioactivation of chloroform in hepatic microsomes from rodent strains susceptible or resistant to CHCL3 carcinogenicityTestai, Emanuela; Gemma, Simonetta; Vittozzi, Luciano
2004Bioactivation, toxicokinetics and acute effects of chloroform in Fisher 344 and Osborne Mendel male ratsGemma, Simonetta; Testai, Emanuela; Chieco, Pasquale; Vittozzi, Luciano
1986Biochemical alterations elicited in rat liver microsomes by oxidation and reduction products of chloroform metabolismTestai, Emanuela; Vittozzi, Luciano
1997Characterization of a phospholipid adduct formed in Sprague Dawley rats by chloroform metabolism: NMR studies Guastadisegni, Cecilia; Guidoni, Laura; Balduzzi, Maria; Viti, Vincenza; Di Consiglio, Emma; Vittozzi, Luciano
1991Chemobiokinetic study in freshwater fish exposed to lindane: uptake and excretion phase rate constants and bioconcentration factorsLa Rocca, Cinzia; di Domenico, Alessandro; Vittozzi, Luciano
1993ChloroformVittozzi, Luciano; Testai, Emanuela
1991Chloroform bioactivation by microsomes from colonic and ileal mucosa of rat and man Testai, Emanuela; Keizer, Johannes; Pacifici, Gian Maria; Vittozzi, Luciano
1994Comparative aspects of the metabolism and toxicity of xenobiotics in fishVittozzi, Luciano; Keizer, Johannes; Iannelli, Maria Adelaide; Soldano, Stefania
2000Comparative characterisation of CHC13 metabolism and toxicokinetics in rodent strains differently susceptible to chloroform carcinogenicity.Vittozzi, Luciano; Gemma, Simonetta; Sbraccia, Maria; Testai, Emanuela
1993Comparative diazinon toxicity in guppy and zebra fish: different role of oxidative metabolismKeizer, Johannes; D'Agostino, Giuseppina; Nagel, Roland; Gramenzi, Franco; Vittozzi, Luciano
1994The contribution of electrophilic and radicalic intermediates to phospholipid adducts formed by halomethanes in vivoDe Curtis, Valentina; Gemma, Simonetta; Sbraccia, Maria; Testai, Emanuela; Vittozzi, Luciano
2003CYP-specific bioactivation of four organophosphorothioate pesticides by human liver microsomesBuratti, Franca Maria; Volpe, Maria Teresa; Meneguz, Annarita; Vittozzi, Luciano; Testai, Emanuela
1984Different pathways of chloroform metabolismTestai, Emanuela; Vittozzi, Luciano
1994Effect of ethanol on CHCl3 metabolism in hepatic microsomes from Osborne-Mendel rats Testai, Emanuela; Gemma, Simonetta; Gervasi, Piergiovanni; Menicagli, S.; Vittozzi, Luciano
1991Effetti biologici degli IPA. Assorbimento, distribuzione, metabolismo ed escrezione degli IPAVittozzi, Luciano
1995Enzymological differences of AChE and diazinon hepatic metabolism: correlation of in vitro data with the selective toxicity of diazinon to fish species Keizer, Johannes; D'Agostino, Giuseppina; Nagel, Roland; Volpe, T.; Gnemi, P.; Vittozzi, Luciano
2013EPIRARE Project: building consensus and synergies for the registration of rare diseases patients in EuropeTaruscio, Domenica; Gainotti, Sabina; Mollo, Emanuela; Kodra, Yllka; Vittozzi, Luciano; Ensini, Monica; Posada de la Paz, Manuel; Bianchi, Fabrizio; Brand, Angela; Stefanov, Rumen
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