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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Bronchoalveolar lavage cytokine profile in a cohort of lung transplant recipients: a predictive role of interleukin-12 with respect to onset of bronchiolitis obliterans syndromeMeloni F; Vitulo P; Cascina A; Oggionni T; Bulgheroni A; Paschetto E; Klersy C; D'Armini AM; Fietta A; Bianco AM; Arbustini E; Vigano M
2007Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid proteome in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome: possible role for surfactant protein a in disease onset.Meloni F; Salvini R; Bardoni Am; Passadore I; Solari N; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Viganò M; Pozzi E; Fietta Am
2006Determinants of quality of life after lung transplant: an Italian collaborative studyRicotti S; Vitulo P; Petrucci L; Oggionni T; Klersy C
2006Everolimus versus azathioprine in maintenance lung transplant recipients: An international, randomized, double-blind clinical trialSnell GI; Valentine VG; Vitulo P; Glanville AR; McGiffin DC; Loyd JE; Roman A; Aris R; Sole A; Hmissi A; Pirron U
2005The frequency of interleukin-10-and interleukin-5-secreting CD4(+) T cells correlates to tolerance of transplanted lungBianco AM; Solari N; Miserere S; Pellegrini C; Vitulo P; Pozzi E; Fietta A; Meloni F
2006Impact of human metapneumovirus and human cytomegalovirus versus other respiratory viruses on the lower respiratory tract infections of lung transplant recipientsGerna G; Vitulo P; Rovida F; Lilleri D; Pellegrini C; Oggionni T; Campanini G; Baldanti F; Revello MG
2006Peripheral CD4+ CD25+ Treg cell expansion in lung transplant recipients is not affected by calcineurin inhibitorsMeloni F; Morosini M; Solari N; Bini F; Vitulo P; Arbustini E; Pellegrini C; Fietta AM
2007Peripheral CD4+CD25+ TREG Cell Counts and the response to extracorporeal photopheresis in lung transplant recipientsMeloni F; Cascina A; Miserere S; Perotti C; Vitulo P; Fietta AM
2004Regulatory CD4+ CD25+ T cells in the peripheral blood of lung transplant recipients: correlation with transplant outcomeMeloni F; Vitulo P; Bianco AM; Paschetto E; Morosini M; Cascina A; Mazzucchelli I; Ciardelli L; Oggionni T; Fietta AM; Pozzi E; Vigano M
2007Return to work after thoracic organ transplantation in a clinically-stable populationPetrucci L; Ricotti S; Michelini I; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Cascina A; D'Armini Am; Goggi C; Campana C; Viganò M; Dalla Toffola E; Tinelli C; Klersy C
2007Risk factors for chronic renal dysfunction in lung transplant recipientsEsposito C; De Mauri A; Vitulo P; Oggionni T; Cornacchia F; Valentino R; Grosjean F; Torreggiani M; Dal Canton A
2006Time course of matrix metalloproteases and tissue inhibitors in bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosisOggionni T; Morbini P; Inghilleri S; Palladini G; Tozzi R; Vitulo P; Fenoglio C; Perlini S; Pozzi E
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12


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