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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Aggregation propensity of proteins quantified by hydrophobicity patterns and net chargeZbilut, Joseph Peter; Mitchell, Julie H; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo; Marwan, Norbert; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Webber, Charles L Jr
2005Analyzing spatial distributions of FMRI "bold" signals by RQA variablesBianciardi, Marta; Sirabella, Paolo; Hagberg, Gisela E; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Colosimo, Alfredo
2008Biological uncertaintyZbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro
2004Charge and hydrophobicity patterning along the sequence predicts the folding mechanism and aggregation of proteins: a computational approachZbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro; Colosimo, Alfredo; Mitchell, Julie H; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Marwan, Norbert; Webber, Charles L; Uversky, Vladimir N
2006Combinatorics and synchronization in natural semioticsOrsucci, Franco; Giuliani, Alessandro; Webber, Charles L Jr; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Fonagy, Peter; Mazza, Marianna
2001A complexity score derived from principal components analysis of nonlinear order measuresGiuliani, Alessandro; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Webber, Charles L; Zbilut, Joseph Peter
2008A contemporary pathology of scienceModonesi, Carlo M; Farina, Lorenzo; Licata, Ignazio; Germano, Roberto; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro
1998Detecting deterministic signals in exceptionally noisy environments using cross-recurrence quantificationZbilut, Joseph Peter; Giuliani, Alessandro; Webber, Charles L
2004Discrimination of single amino acid mutations of the p53 protein by means of deterministic singularities of recurrence quantification analysisPorrello, Alessandro; Soddu, Silvia; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Crescenzi, Marco; Giuliani, Alessandro
2005Early events in protein aggregation: molecular flexibility and hydrophobicity/charge interaction in amyloid peptides as studied by molecular dynamics simulationsValerio, Maria Cristina; Colosimo, Alfredo; Conti, Filippo; Giuliani, Alessandro; Grottesi, Alessandro; Manetti, Cesare; Zbilut, Joseph Peter
2001Elucidating protein secondary structures using alpha-carbon recurrence quantificationsWebber, Charles L; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Colosimo, Alfredo
2006Entropic criteria for protein folding derived from recurrences: six residues patch as the basic protein wordZbilut, Joseph Peter; Chua, Gek Huey; Krishnan, Arun; Bossa, Cecilia; Colafranceschi, Mauro; Giuliani, Alessandro
2008Implications from a network-based topological analysis of ubiquitin unfolding simulationsKrishnan, Arun; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Tomita, Masaru
2005International meeting Complexity in the living: a problem-oriented approach. Rome, September 28-30, 2004. ProceedingsBenigni, Romualdo; Colosimo, Alfredo; Giuliani, Alessandro; Sirabella, Paolo; Zbilut, Joseph Peter
2004Invariant features of metabolic network: a data analysis application on scaling properties of biochemical pathwaysGiuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Conti, Filippo; Manetti, Cesare; Miccheli, Alfredo
2007Model-free analysis of brain fMRI data by recurrence quantificationBianciardi, Marta; Sirabella, Paolo; Hagberg, Gisela E; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Colosimo, Alfredo
2004NL 3213 Algorithmic complexityGiuliani, Alessandro; Zbilut, Joseph Peter
2005Non linear assessment of musical consonanceTrulla, Lluis Lligona; Giuliani, Alessandro; Zimatore, Giovanna; Colosimo, Alfredo; Zbilut, Joseph Peter
2000Nonlinear methods in the analysis of protein sequences: a case study in rubredoxinsGiuliani, Alessandro; Benigni, Romualdo; Sirabella, Paolo; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Colosimo, Alfredo
2002Nonlinear signal analysis methods in the elucidation of protein sequence-structure relationshipsGiuliani, Alessandro; Benigni, Romualdo; Zbilut, Joseph Peter; Webber, Charles L; Sirabella, Paolo; Colosimo, Alfredo
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