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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005-374T/A polymorphism of the RAGE gene promoter in relation to severity of coronary atherosclerosisFalcone C; Campo I; Emanuele E; Buzzi MP; Geroldi D; Belvito C; Zorzetto M; Sbarsi I; Cuccia M
2006CR1 gene polymorphism in FinlandZorzetto M; Ferrarotti I; Campo I; Luisetti M
2007Expression of Receptor for Advanced Glycation End-Products in Sarcoid GranulomasCampo I; Morbini P; Zorzetto M; Tinelli C; Brunetta E; Villa C; Bombieri C; Cuccia M; Agostini C; Bozzi V; Facoetti A; Ferrarotti I; Mazzola P; Scabini R; Semenzato G; Pignatti Pf; Pozzi E; Luisetti M
2004HLA and hypocomplementemia: the disadvantage of carrying the HLA-B35 and the silent alleles of the C4 complement componentZorzetto M; Ricevuti G; Martinetti M; Gritti D; Gasparetto C; De Silvestri A; Salvaneschi L; Cuccia M
2005Identification of a novel alpha(1)-antitrypsin Null variant (Q0(Cairo))Zorzetto M; Ferrarotti I; Campo I; Balestrino A; Nava S; Gorrini M; Scabini RT; Mazzola P; Luisetti M
2007Inflammation and atherosclerosis: The role of TNF and TNF receptors polymorphisms in coronary artery diseaseSbarsi I; Falcone C; Boiocchi C; Campo I; Zorzetto M; De Silvestri A; Cuccia M
2007Laboratory diagnosis of alpha(1)-antitrypsin deficiencyFerrarotti I; Scabini R; Campo I; Ottaviani S; Zorzetto M; Gorrini M; Luisetti M
2005NOD2/CARD15 gene polymorphisms in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosisZorzetto M; Ferrarotti I; Campo I; Trisolini R; Poletti V; Scabini R; Ceruti M; Mazzola P; Crippa E; Ottaviani S; Agostini C; Semenzato G; Pozzi E; Luisetti M
2006Non classical HLA genes and non-HLA genes in a population of infants at familial risk of atopyDe Silvestri A; Belloni C; De Amici M; Mazzola P; Zorzetto M; Martinetti M; Salvaneschi L; Cuccia M
2004A novel method for rapid genotypic identification of alpha 1-antitrypsin variantsFerrarotti I; Zorzetto M; Scabini R; Mazzola P; Campo I; Luisetti M
2005Prevalence and phenotype of subjects carrying rare variants in the Italian registry for alpha(1)-antitrypsin deficiencyFerrarotti I; Baccheschi J; Zorzetto M; Tinelli C; Corda L; Balbi B; Campo I; Pozzi E; Faa G; Coni P; Massi G; Stella G; Luisetti M
2007Pro-inflammatory variants of DRB1 and RAGE genes are associated with susceptibility to pediatric type 1 diabetes: a new hypothesis on the adaptive role of autoimmunity.Damiani G; Campo I; Zorzetto M; Bozzi V; Disabella E; Caroli A; Ferrarotti I; D'Annunzio G; Pasi A; Martinetti M; Cuccia M
2006The receptor for advanced glycation end products and its ligands: a new inflammatory pathway in lung disease?Morbini P; Villa C; Campo I; Zorzetto M; Inghilleri S; Luisetti M
2004Relationship between the -374T/A RAGE gene polymorphism and angiographic coronary artery diseaseFalcone C; Campo I; Emanuele E; Buzzi MP; Zorzetto M; Sbarsi I; Cuccia M
2006Validation of a rapid, simple method to measure alpha1-antitrypsin in human dried blood spotsGorrini M; Ferrarotti I; Lupi A; Bosoni T; Mazzola P; Scabini R; Campo I; Zorzetto M; Novazi F; Luisetti M
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