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Title: 3-aminobenzamide protects cells from UV-B-induced apoptosis by acting on cytoskeleton and substrate adhesion
Authors: Malorni, Walter
Rivabene, Roberto
Straface, Elisabetta
Rainaldi, Gabriella
Monti, Daniela
Salvioli, Stefano
Cossarizza, Andrea
Franceschi, Claudio
Issue Date: 1995
Publisher: Academic Press
Citation: Malorni V, Rivabene R, Straface E, Rainaldi G, Monti D, Salvioli S, Cossarizza A, Franceschi C. 3-aminobenzamide protects cells from UV-B-induced apoptosis by acting on cytoskeleton and substrate adhesion. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 1995;207(2):715-724.
ispartof: Biochemical and biophysical research communications
Language: en
Type: Article
Peer reviewed: yes
Abstract: Da MEDLINE: 3-aminobenzamide (3-ABA) is an inhibitor of poly-(ADP-ribose)-polymerase, an enzyme involved in numerous subcellular processes, including cell death. Recently, a target effect of the drug on some cytoskeletal elements has also been described (Malorni et al., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 202: 915-922, 1994). In this study we evaluated the ability of 3-ABA to interfere with UV-B ray-induced apoptosis in cells selected for their cytoskeletal features and their different capability to adhere to the substrate. Human melanoma (M14) and epithelial (A431) cell lines and murine primary fibroblastic cultures (MFC) were studied. Our results indicate that cytoskeleton is indeed an important cellular target of 3-ABA, which can prevent apoptotic cell death by UV-B through a specific effect on the adhesion properties of the cells. Indeed, an inverse correlation was observed between sensitivity to UV-B-induced apoptosis (M14 > A431 > MFC) and substrate adhesion (MFC > A431 > M14). The potential relevance of these observations to understand the possible relationships among apoptosis, cytoskeletal functions and substrate adhesion is discussed
ISSN: 0006-291X
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