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Title: Conference on cancer vaccines. Abstract book
Authors: Ferrantini, Maria
Belardelli, Filippo
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Istituto Superiore di Sanità
Citation: Ferrantini M, Belardelli F. Conference on cancer vaccines. Abstract book. Roma: Istituto Superiore di Sanità; 1999. ( ISTISAN Congressi /63). p.21.
ispartof: ISTISAN Congressi
Language: en
Type: Conference Proceedings
Abstract: "The Conference is organized with the objective of dedicating special attention to the recent developments of research on cancer vaccines. The impact of cancer, especially in developed countries, is enormous both in financial terms and as regards human suffering and death. The development of new strategies for cancer treatment and prevention is an urgent need, especially with regard to the identification of more effective and selective biological therapies. Cancer vaccines may represent a physiological intervention capable of inducing long-term immune protection, that would open new perspectives of therapeutic efficacy and better patient compliance. Over the last decade, the important discoveries in tumor immunology and advances in cell biotechnology have provided a solid scientific background to design vaccination strategies in cancer patients. The major aims of the Conference are: i ) to review the state of the art of the research on cancer vaccines; ii) to discuss the perspectives of this new strategy for treating and preventing human malignancies. At the end of the Conference, a Round Table is dedicated to critically review the status of the Italian research on cancer vaccines and to discuss strategies for implementation and promotion of stronger interactions between basic research and clinical applications. Key words: Immunotherapy, Neoplasias"
ISSN: 0393-5620
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